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Dr. Connie

Dr. Connie

Dr. Connie Williams
‘s life and testimony is a vibrant illustration of this truth – “Three things will last forever–faith, hope, and love–and the greatest of these is love (I Corinthians 13:13 NLT).”

Dr. Connie is a celebrated international teacher, motivational speaker, and the author of several inspirational books. For over 30 years, she has embraced mankind with a mothering nature while teaching the Word of God with an unmistakable, dramatic flair. Throughout childhood, her mother taught her the value of living without judgment, prejudice, or hatred, and to always operate in unconditional love. The fruits of Dr. Connie’s upbringing are evident in God’s Grace upon her to attract people from atheists to life-long believers to hear His unadulterated Word and experience His love in a new light.

Armed with a strong prophetic gift, Dr. Connie has prophesied to a diverse range of leaders from all backgrounds including the political, sports, and business industries. Additionally, she has served as a prophetic consultant for both Fortune 500 companies and various entertainment industry projects, and she is a circuit speaker for national and international network programs and conferences including her own, The Awakening Leadership Conference.

After being led to “seal her books” 20 years ago shortly after she began to speak on a groundbreaking truth – The Order of Melchizedek – Dr. Connie received God’s direction within the last few years to begin teaching it again. This ancient message, Dr. Connie says, is “a new priesthood – not new to God, but new to us. It’s a higher order, a higher way of doing things that is all about life.”

2013 was a time of great shifting and realignment within the Body of Christ, and Dr. Connie’s ministry was no exception. In 2013, she founded The Melchizedek Priesthood School of Ministry to awaken believers to the eternal King-Priest Order of Melchizedek through which the Kingdom shall answer the groan of creation for the manifest sons of God in the earth.

With authenticity and clarity, Dr. Connie defines herself as a “midwife prophet”; one who assists in spiritual delivery, revelation, and proper identification of what God deposits within his people to reach the new realms and dimensions He has ordained. Regarding her current assignment, she adds, “My passion during this season is to be a master teacher and master prophet, and to do my part in birthing this Melchizedek move. To teach and prophesy – that’s my goal. Being a priest after the Order of Melchizedek, in every circumstance – death, poverty, calamity, confusion – I simply speak life.”


Word of the Lord



Dear Dr. Connie, [I’m] writing to you from Bahrain one if the Middle East countries… I feel so blessed reading the word you share especially in a dry place.

Shirley Dcosta

Hi Dr. Williams! I am Elijah Brown, a 21 year-old student living in Tallahassee, FL. I wanted to write you to express how much I admire you & your prophetic calling in [my] parent’s lives. If [God hadn’t used] you to speak to my parents about their ministry, they would not have been motivated to pursue their calling. God bless you!

Elijah Brown
Tallahassee, FL

Dr. Connie, I just wanted to write and give you a praise report of a prophecy that you gave me 25 years ago… that I would be a teacher. I was [not] even in that occupation. I would like to let you know that I have been going to school and I am graduating with my Associates Degree in Child Development! I have been teaching for the last 10 years and I love it! It is truly a call of Father God on my life! Thank you so much!

Ginger B Crowe
Anniston, AL

Dr. Williams. Blessings! God did just as you said he would 7+ years ago, you prophesied to me that God would fulfill His word for my life, and that I was on the potter’s wheel. Well, God has done better than I ever could with my life. Thank you for being a vessel of honor in the Body of Christ.

Alex Alistair Roach
Bridgetown, Barbados

Hello Dr. Connie Williams, I remember you from a lil girl. My grandma would take us to see you in Titusville. I remember you praying for me I was young…I am 26 years old now. [You] help me understand who I am.

Addie McClary
Darlington, South Carolina

Melchizedek Global University

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Melchizedek Global University (MGU) was initially founded as The Melchizedek Priesthood School of Ministry. The Word-based school digs below the surface of the scripture designed to awaken students to greater truth as the Holy Spirit shines new light of revelation on ancient biblical text.

The original courses taught have been expanded and updated and will soon be offered in the MGU “Priesthood Series” in our online classroom.

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